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Mouse Genetics Positioning System (mGPS)

Visualization solutions for mouse gene targeting

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MouseGPS project pipeline
Mouse model archive key features
Key Benefits
  • Visualization of vector design and analysis with integrated and interactive features such as Ensembl, BLAST, RepeatMasker, etc.
  • Centralized data management for vector design, sequences, genotyping/phenotyping results, etc.
  • Data sharing and collaboration within and between research groups
  • Blogging and discussion of published models
  • Versatile and flexible platform for personal use as well as research groups and core facilities
Key Features
  • Design your vector with easy-to-use sequencing retrieval for each vector component
  • Display schematic diagram of vector, wild-type, and targeted allele with interactive features such as primer/probe locations, repeat regions, vector components, sequences, etc.
  • Generate sequencing reports with annotations, restriction sites, repeats, etc.
  • Design and visualize Southern probes and strategy on schematic diagram
  • Design PCR primers and display primer location and expected PCR product sizes
  • Visualize and display various mating schemes (FLP/Cre) with modifications to sequences, primer locations, expected PCR product sizes, etc.
  • Upload results for model production, genotyping, phenotyping, etc.
  • Provide platform for feedback and discussion of uploaded data/documents and published models
  • Share design and data with lab members and collaborators
  • Many other features


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  • Display options on schematic diagram
    Display options on schematic diagram
  • Design your Southern strategy as easy as 1-2-3
    Design your Southern strategy as easy as 1-2-3
  • Data storage and management
    Data storage and management
  • Share your project with your lab member or collaborator
    Share your project with your lab member or collaborator