Since the first transgenic animal model was introduced, many new technologies emerged, such as gene targeting, ENU, ZFN, TALENs, etc. These new approaches led to a rapid growth in the production of genetically modified mouse models. However, details of genetic modifications in the generation of these animal models are not well documented or easily accessible in publications or within labs or across collaborations. This has caused a considerable hindrance to future experiments, technical communications, or sharing of models with colleagues. In addition, since often multiple models are derived from a single gene, most likely the trend is to move to precise and small modifications, which make the "single base detail" more relevant than ever before.

The Mouse Genetics Positioning System, mGPS, is a concerted effort to bring modern software technologies into the mouse research field. The end result not only provides "single base detail" with clarity but also allows researchers to visualize interactively any DNA modification in detail. The information provided by mGPS will facilitate a better flow and exchange of crucial information, products, and scientific resources. It will also provide transparency and accessibility within and across laboratories. mGPS is the first in the field with this innovative and unique combination of service features, not a copycat.

This site is defined by mostly open-access interaction and contribution of users. Thus, we depend on YOU to enable communication relevant to the field of mouse genetics either by suggestions or participation which will define crucial functional components to be developed further or added to mGPS.

Ultimately, mGPS should turn into a centralized information center that would foster the communication among mouse model users. Transparency and accessibility among individuals, laboratories and other entities are the goals. This will not be limited to the visualization and design of mouse models but should rather expand into other areas such as accessing scientific expertise in the form of advice, discussions, protocol sharing, etc.

So let’s get started with our current mGPS functions. Please let us know what you think!